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Reach our community and youth one hand at a time, through sports training, community outreach, mental empowerment and mentoring through mood, body and soul.

Who are we?

We are family own and operated organization that realized a need in the City of Flint with community outreach and youth having positive mentors and activities to do free with their families.  Our journey began as cleaning up a neighborhood park so that our own children could have safe place to play. It continued to seeing hungry children at the park and grilling hot dogs to feeding them at the same time mentoring them and teaching them to care about themselves and their community.  Looking to be a part of the solution to the City of Flint instead of part of the problem.

We eventually was spotted by KGCB and in 2014, we adopted Windiate Park on Milton Drive.  Better known to the community ask the Pengally!

We have since than became a nonprofit organization, with our continued effects to improve our community, applied for grants to continue doing visual improvement to the park.  Within the last 5 years we have been able to accomplish with the assistance of KGCB and other organizations in the community, new playground, basketball court, rims and backboards completely renovated.  New bleachers and shed with many of other improvements coming within the near future.  As we continue to do programming in the park and family events.

We also assistant other organizations in the community with developing their sports programs and training from Flint Development Center, Woodland Park Academy, Carmen Ainsworth (Elem & Middle Schools), Atherton H.S., Flint Cultural Center Academy and looking forward to collaboration with other community organizations. 

And grateful for collaboration 2022 Annual Father's Day Event w/ The Detroit Pistons!


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